Sunday, May 3, 2009

What do you feed the Pope?

Here's a challenge you don't encounter every day: Jordan hotel owner agonizes over what to feed pope (Associated Press):
A Jordanian hotel owner preparing a lunch for the pope spent five weeks coming up with a choice of five menus for the upcoming visit and is still agonizing over what could go wrong — just as he did when John Paul II visited nine years ago.

Said Sawalha said the Vatican chose a light meal of beef medallions, vegetables and pineapple cake, a menu designed to keep the 81-year-old Benedict XVI's energy up on his Holy Land tour starting later this week in Jordan.

"I have been having anxieties that anything could go wrong," said Sawalha, owner of the Regency Hotel in Amman. "I mapped out plan Bs to everything, from having the pineapple cake fall to a flat tire as we transport the food to the banquet hall."


[Salwa] said he has worked for the last five weeks, consulting with top chefs in Jordan and abroad, to set a menu for the Pope's lunch.

A pineapple cake decorated with yellow and white cream, resembling the Vatican emblem, will be served for desert.


  1. Hospitality...a beautiful gift of Palestinian culture.

    Thank you.

  2. do not worry about what youare to eat or what you are to put on...let the day's worries be sufficient for the day