Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day 3 - Pope Benedict in Amman, Jordan - Holy Mass at Amman Int'l Stadium; visit to the site of the Baptism of Christ

On the Schedule Today (Sunday May 10, 2009)
This post will be updated with news and commentary on the day's events
  • 10.00 - Holy Mass celebrated at the Amman International Stadium
  • Recitation of the Regina Cæli at the Amman International Stadium
  • 12.45 - Luncheon with Patriarchs, Bishops and Papal Entourage at the Latin Vicariate of Amman
  • 17.30 - Visit to the site of Baptism of Christ, at Bethany beyond the Jordan
  • 18.00 - Blessing of the foundation stones of the Latin and Greek Melkite churches at Bethany beyond the Jordan

Spoken words of Pope Benedict XVI

Coverage and Commentary


  1. Thanks for posting...I am on EST, so I am trying to get at all hours to watch EWTN Live, LOL, but thank God, they repeat every thing!

    Well, had another Protestant buddy of mine, from Infidel Bloggers Alliance, whom I agree with usually, and actually is quite learned in terms of Cardinal Ratzinger's body of work, tell me that the Israeli trip could be construed as "evil" by scriptures and the Holy Father should not even go??????

    Refering to the negotiations about the Holy Sites...

    Of course, I rebutted him on a number of fronts...Viva el Papa!!!

  2. Christopher do you have an email?
    Mine is

    Check this out:

  3. Carlos, why does your Protestant friend think it's evil to got to Israel?

  4. Dympha, I will cite parts of his email, I can email you my response if you wish, with the entire thread. (

    Passage below:

    "However, I have to point out that the Pope is currently involved in another controversy where he is laying claim to areas of Jerusalem. Apparently, this is an old controversy, and he is not the first Pope to lay claim to these areas.

    "However, I think, quite frankly, that it is evil and it is completely against the passage in Romans which warns we Christians not to be arrogant against our brothers, the Jews. I also think it is a vioation of the passage in Exodus which says, "I will bless those who bless thee, and I will curse those who curse thee."

    "I also think it is part of what is predicted in Zechariah 12 when the Lord says that Israel will become a stone too heavy to lift for all the nations of the world, and Pslams which says that Israel will be a stumbling block for the nations.

    "And, I think it is part and parcel of the prophecy which was fulfilled (in part) in Christ's time when the Roman soldiers cast lots for the clothing of Jesus.

    "Very bad sign, and the Pope, it seems to me, has stumbled into it innocently enough.

    "He should stay out of Israel's business, other than to support her. The Bible clearly warns him.

    "I'm very disheartened by this. Not because I think the Pope is evil, but because I believe it is a signal of very bad things to come."