Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"The Pope is forcing everyone to accept that he came as pilgrim of peace"

Bernard Sabella, a Catholic lawmaker for Fatah, says the Pope is forcing everyone to accept the fact that he came as pilgrim of peace (Asia News):
“Every stakeholder wants to read into the Pope’s words a sign that suffering is at an end,” Sabella said. “Each side has its own demands. For Palestinian Christians an end to suffering means no more occupation, wall, checkpoints, visas denied to priests, i.e. matters that Arab Christians wanted the Pope to understand by their presence.”

For the Fatah lawmaker, “the Pope repeatedly said that he was coming to venerate the holy sites, as a pilgrim praying for everyone. And in so doing he is actually forcing everyone to accept his intent.”

Sabella also noted an ‘unexpected feeling” that developed between Benedict XVI and Palestinian Christians.

“Coming as a man of faith and prayer the Pope said: ‘I bring you this faith and creed.’ For Christians this means that they should stay put, remain in their society, living side by side with Israelis and Palestinians, Jews and Muslims, which is also what they want, namely peace and reconciliation. And [by his visit] the Pope comforted their view in this.”


  1. this is nuts... giving away God's land has opened the pope up for the judgement of God. What is he thinking... does the pope believe in replacement theology.????

  2. What the pope says is true. Palestinians suffer horribly and unjustly by the theft and colonialism of Israeli settlers hidden in the cloak of "security." Bethlehem is an open air prison and the Pope is the only one who can acknowledge it. The pope is one person not caught in the cloak of "political correctness" who can pay attention to pain and suffering, even of our enemies. Thank you, Vicar of Christ, for seeing the Samaritan's pain.

  3. Katie, don't forget that the Palestinian Christians have far more to fear from the Muslims than from the Israelis. At least, the Israelis don't want to exterminate the Christians.